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'A Home Away From Home'

At Paws-A-While we have two types of accommodation:

       -  Single units
      -  Double units

Both units are the same generous size however the double units have an extra shelf run allowing a family of cats extra space.

All units consist of the following:
  • 4ft x 6ft personal room
  • 2 shelves (extra run in double unit)
  • Full window view
  • Power point and individual heat pad
  • Comfy bed on shelf
  • Chair with pillow
  • Clean bedding
  • Carpeted box
  • Scratch pole
  • Placemat
  • Floor mat
  • Locker for cat carrier

The inner section of all units are fully enclosed. This allows your feline friend to have the privacy it requires and not feel threatened by any other cats. The outer section of the units allows the cats to see each other and their surroundings. Having our units like this means we are able to cater for all cats social needs and ensure they have a peaceful and enjoyable stay.

We don't allow our guests to mix with others purely due to the risk of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (Feline Aids) which is contracted by bite wounds and scratches. For the safety of your feline friend, all our guests are let out individually into the hallway for extra exercise time.

Paws-a-While is fitted with gas heating and air-conditioning. In the hotter months sprinklers on the roof are used to maximise comfort.

The cattery units are positioned east-west so both sides have access to the sun.  Venetian and vinyl blinds are raised daily to allow fresh air into the units. (Weather permitting)

Units are cleaned daily. When a guest leaves, the unit is completely cleaned, mopped and set up with fresh, clean bedding.

Soft tranquil music is played throughout the day to relax and settle your cat.

Single Unit

Double Unit